Welcome to the ISGW (Intersteller Galactic Warfare). 

 Vote for us here and receive 5K credits, 5 Cheese, 5 Wine, 5 Erestrum Ore, and 5 Zasconium Ore.  Once you vote, log in and type "/votereward" in the chat bar!  SPECIAL BONUS 0700 PDT Wednesday 14th - 0700 PDT Friday 15th!



Teleporter Purchases

Players may now purchase 1 set of teleporters for 1 Million Credits.  Contact us to set up the purchase. Once the credits are transferred, a GM will place the teleporter wherever you wish.  Restrictions do apply.  No placement on POI or Living Planets (because those reset).  No placement on enemy bases.  Base must be either privately owned or faction owned.  IF IT GETS DESTROYED IT WILL NOT BE REFUNDED.  IF IT GETS TAKEN (PVP) IT WILL NOT BE REFUNDED.  If a PVP altercation results in you owning one teleporter, you may purchase the second teleporter for 500K credits. These CAN be used with our King-of-the-Hill bases, but keep the previous rule in mind.

Factions with 5+ players that have EACH played for 10+ hours may request one set of teleporters to be placed in a common area for faction use.  We are not responsible for the security of your teleporter.

If you request your teleporter be placed on a ship, keep in mind teleporting will NOT work outside of your playfield.  If your ship is destroyed your teleporter will NOT be refunded.

Teleporters will NOT be placed, for you, on the (Central) Trading Outpost.  That option is for faction locked planets.

If problems arise from this, these rules are subject to change!

General Info

Info on this page should answer your questions regarding playing on the ISGW Public Server.

First and foremost you need to be aware that we use the Empyrion Admin Helper  (EAH) because it enables us to use some of the tools listed below.


Feel free to join our Discord Server!

Our Map


Planets and POI's

Starter Planets

There are 4 starter planets.  These planets are reset every Thursday at 07:00 PDT.  Their orbits and moons will reset as well.  This will keep it fair to new players.  These planets are PVE only.

  • Akua
  • Omicron
  • Antiga
  • Korhal

Living Planets

There are 7 planets designed for standard living and base building.  These planets will not be reset.  Changes to terrain, resources, and POI's will be considered permanent.  These planets are PVE only.

  • Tarsonis
  • Aitis
  • Ningues
  • Masperon
  • Mar Sara
  • Alderaan Places
  • Hoth

There are special planets that are private to factions and/or players who have donated through our Patreon system. 

POI Planets

There are 9 planets and an Asteroid Field designed for POI raiding.  As of right now, these planets will reset on a weekly basis (Moday at 07:00 PDT).  This will be subject to change depending on the number of players utilizing these planets.  These planets are PVE only.

  • Skillon
  • Mios 2
  • Vulka
  • Andromeda
  • Oscutune
  • Aeris 2
  • Zeyhines
  • Aestus
  • Kovaar

Faction Planets

  • Nexxus - BAI

PVP Planets

There are 8 planets and an Alien Outpost designed for PVP play.  These planets will not reset.  Consider this the Wild Wild West of ISGW.  If you venture into those planets, be well prepared for battle.

  • Mordica
  • Lumia
  • Dalos 2
  • Ovus
  • Vyrdis 2
  • Corinair
  • Takara
  • Palee - All three of the Comm Centers on this planet will pay your Faction 35 credits every 5 minutes it is held.  Use the "/income" command in chat to claim reward.  No offline protection allowed on these bases, if we find it, we will reset the POI.  You may set up turret defenses and fortify the base as much as you like though.

Future Planets

There will be more planets added as we go forward.  We will be adding POI raiding planets that are PVP as well, just for some added fun.

Chat Bot

EAH allows us to run a chat bot to assist in some minor administration.

  • CB:Info --> Information about the Player: Startdate, Playtime, Last Reset, ....)
  • CB:TIME --> Shows Server Day and Time
  • CB:RESET --> Resets the player automatically. Player has 3 free resets the first 10 hours after start. After that you can only use it every 6 hours.
  • CB:HEAL --> In case the player suffers from the perma-death bug, this might heal him. Only once per day and only for real dead once
  • CB:Survival --> Gives the player a survival kit, once.
  • CB:GetShipDown:ID (Full) --> Allows a player to get down his ship, that is flying directly above him. He has to be directly under the ship on a max 30 meter EW/NS distance. Height does not matter.
  • CB:Shutdown --> Shut down Game from ingame (Only possible for Admins)
  • CB:Wipe--> Shows all wipes from timetable with Server-Date and Time. Also shows all individual Structure wipe times if activated.
  • CB:NextWipe --> Shows all upcomming wipes from timetable ordered by time. Shows how many hours left
  • CB:NextRestart --> Shows all upcomming wipes/restarts/backups from timetable ordered by time. Shows how many hours left
  • CB:Destroy:Id --> Allows a Faction Admin or the Owner of a structure to delete it. He has to stand next to it to work.
  • CB:W:Playername/PlayerID MESSAGE" allows a player to directly chat to another player
  • CB:GetShipHere:ID --> Allows a player to move his ship a few meters in case its stuck or in green wall. Only works on same playfield and when ~ 200 meters around the ship
  • CB:GoToShip:ID --> Allows a player to warp to his ship. This is always activated in CSW Oribt. Otherwise it would need to be activated in the config. Works only on the same playfield.
  • CB:STARTERSHIP --> Allows a player a ONE TIME free starter ship.
  • CB:admin --> Shows you who the admins are on the server (not real time).
  • CB:website --> gives you the address for this site.


Auto Miner

EAH allows for a script based auto miner which is administered by users through chat commands (utilizes the Chat Bot as well)

  • am:?        Provides you with useful information regarding the Auto Miner.
  • am:info     Displays your current fuel level and shows how to view your current miner levels and resources on HWS Connect.
  • am:buy:IR    Buy or Upgrade an Auto Miner Iron Ore
  • am:buy:COP    Buy or Upgrade an Auto Miner Copper Ore
  • am:buy:COB    Buy or Upgrade an Auto Miner Cobalt Ore
  • am:buy:MA    Buy or Upgrade an Auto Miner Magnesium Ore
  • am:buy:PR    Buy or Upgrade an Auto Miner Promethium Ore
  • am:buy:NEO    Buy or Upgrade an Auto Miner Neodymium Ore
  • am:buy:SI    Buy or Upgrade an Auto Miner Silicion Ore
  • am:buy:SA    Buy or Upgrade an Auto Miner Sathium Ore
  • am:buy:ERE    Buy or Upgrade an Auto Miner Erestrum Ore
  • am:buy:ZAS    Buy or Upgrade an Auto Miner Zascosium Ore
  • am:buy:BC    Buy or Upgrade an Auto Miner Blue Crystal
  • am:buy:GO    Buy or Upgrade an Auto Miner Gold Ore


  • am:sell:ORE    Allows you to sell or downgrade a specific Auto Miner where ORE stands for the one you have.
  • am:get:OREAMOUNT        Allows you to get a specific amount of one of your mined resources or even more individually.
  • am:get:all            Allows you to recover all mined resources at once. (Make sure you have inventory space).
  • am:fuel:Resource:All:All    Allows you to fuel all mined resources at once or fuels up your Auto Miner with an amount of fuel from your inventory for specific resources if you want.


  • Example 1: am:fuel:iron:all -> fuels up only your iron auto miner with all drill charges your have in your inventory
  • Example 2: am:fuel:iron:7 -> fuel up only your iron auto miner with 7 drill charges from your inventory (if you have them)
  • Example 3: am:fuel:all:all -> fuels up all of your resources in your auto miner using drill charges from your inventory (if you have them)


  • Upgrade level 1 - 5 (1 Gold/Sahtium/Neodymium/Blue Crystal) / hour
  • Upgrade level 2 - 10 (3 Gold/Sahtium/Neodymium/Blue Crystal) / hour
  • Upgrade level 3 - 15 (5 Gold/Sahtium/Neodymium/Blue Crystal) / hour
  • Upgrade level 4 - 20 (7 Gold/Sahtium/Neodymium/Blue Crystal) / hour
  • Upgrade level 5 - 30 (10 Gold/Sahtium/Neodymium/Blue Crystal) / hour
  • Upgrade level 6 - 35 (11 Gold/Sahtium/Neodymium/Blue Crystal) / hour
  • Upgrade level 7 - 40 (13 Gold/Sahtium/Neodymium/Blue Crystal) / hour
  • Upgrade level 8 - 50 (16 Gold/Sahtium/Neodymium/Blue Crystal) / hour
  • Upgrade level 9 - 100 (33 Gold/Sahtium/Neodymium/Blue Crystal) / hour
  • Upgrade level 10 - 150 (50 Gold/Sahtium/Neodymium/Blue Crystal) / hour

Faction Storage

  • Type "/fs" in your chat bar to open a faction common storage window and easily share with your friends.


Free Ship

If you use the command "cb:startership" in chat, you will receive a Prefab Tier 2 CV.  Required level to get your ship is level 10.

Ship Trading

We have a shipyard which is located with our Trading Outpost.  In certain areas of the shipyard, which are marked, you can use chat commands to purchase prefab ships.  We are also buying ships and selling ships to/from players through the admins.  If you would like to purchase/sell a ship, please send us a message in game, and within 24 hours, we will process your order.

/buyship - This will list all ships available for purchase in that area.

/buyship 1 - This will purchase the fist ship on the list, just change the number for different ship.

The server will ask you if you are sure, and you have to type "yes" in the chat box before it will spawn your ship.